chillbillone Mix Tapes

The mix tapes are off the hook, but you don't have to take my word for it. Just read comments from some happy listeners...

I'm writing you to thank you for the tape. I thought it was really good.
- C. Grant

Your tape is off the hook kid!
- A. Kelp

Thank you sooooo much for the mix tape!!!!! It rocks hard... It's so @#$%ing awesome we play it and people love it. You have a great talent. Keep on groovin'
- M. Proper

I received the tape. I love it.
- L. Chuk

...a wonderful tape. It hasn't left my car since I got it.
- J. McCleary-Sills

You're the man, play on...
- J. Dentmarder

I really enjoyed the tape! I was really impressed! Everything sounded great.
- C. Kunes

Chillbill is the illest!
- J. Matthews

- M. McDeere

You're the #$%*ing man!
- C. Eichorn

You got it going on! I can't sleep on your skills - you know how to rock a party!

Yo quiero chillbillone mix tapes!

He's the best dj on the Upper West Side!
-J. Bilder

You brought the pain!
- J. Bourne

I listened to your tape - it was awesome!
- S. Worden

Your tape is really good, I like the way the songs just go together.
- A. Schupak

You've got skills... represent!
- DJ Premier

It was the best party I have ever been to!
- R. Smithea