On A Bus?
Sure you think it's funny, here is the rumdogs crew - complete with submarines, web pages, mixtapes, race cars, and off the wall road trips - and now a story about a bus. Believe me the bus trip was well worth it...

The story begins on a Sunday afternoon in May; graduation day at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. After the ceremony, we had an old fashioned pow wow to celebrate the crew's newest graduate. Having a little too much fun at the celebration caused us to inadvertently miss our ride back to New York. It wouldn't have been a big deal, but we had to be back in the city on Monday morning in time for an important meeting with one of our key sponsors. We were left with only one option...

The red-eye. Most people associate this with those inexpensive trans-continental flights in the middle of the night. The Peter Pan bus company has its own version: a bus that leaves Worcester at one in the morning, arriving in New York just before sunrise. It was our only hope.

We managed to secure tickets for the bus by nine that night. With an extra four hours in Worcester, we decided to get in contact with local friends so that we could spend the time wisely. What started as a phone call to one person ended up being an all out house party!

People came in from campus and all over town to get down! The Boca Chica kept pouring, the beer in the fridge was ice cold, and the music was all of that and a bag of chips with the dip - at least that's what I'm told. Everyone there was having a good time. As you know, time flies while you are having fun. Before we realized it, it was a quarter to one!

We raced out of the party and ran for the bus. Please don't let it leave us! When we arrived at the bus station, we were tired and out of breath. In the distance, the bus was beeping that dreadful high pitched beep, indicating that it was in reverse. The bus backing up and leaving! We made one final effort to make it to that green and white bus on the far side of the parking lot. As we got closer, the bus suddenly stopped. The bus driver smiled at us and opened the door...

"Thank you," did not express our gratitude enough, so we repeated the phrase to the driver a dozen times before we sat down.

We arrived in New York in one of those pre-dawn hours where the sky is the deepest shade of blue. The asphalt streets glistened with morning dew. With the exception of the cab that we took home, there was not a soul to be seen for blocks and blocks.

We were tired and out of it that Monday morning, but we all agreed the party was live and the bus trip was well worth it.

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