The Rumdogs Crew Road Trips - from Manhattan to München, Marakesh to Mombasa - and if you don't know you better ask somebody. We are the world renown crew spreading peace and love throughout our travels; missionaries for love and happiness, providing entertainment @ its best! Before going into any kind of detail about what we do and where we go on these road trips, we would like to give thanks to a very important few:

Ivan Jourdain for being the man; Avis Rental Cars and Budget Rental Cars for renting to underage drivers, Saab USA for use of the Scandinavian Hotel aka wündercar; Porsche Cars North America for inspiration and decoration; Pirelli Tires for keeping us on the road; Rand and McNally Maps for helping us to find the right roads; Shell Oil Company for keeping gas in the tank when we got lost on the wrong roads; McDonald's Corp. for keeping our stomachs full regardless of what road we were on; and the many law enforcement officers that followed us on those roads.

With that said and done, let's talk road trips...



Young at Heart, Lead at Foot

On a Bus
Offroad in the Middle of Nowhere
How often have you wanted to drive that car the old fart in the right hand lane is pushing? Sometimes we will find that old farts are young at heart and lead at foot. 

The Eclipse...

After years of faithful service, James decided to part with the Eclipse..

Scotland and Beyond

From London to Cork, to Loch Ness and beyond

palm desert to sante fe

The road trip from Palm Desert to Sante Fe, getting our kicks on Route 66 

It was hard to settle for this but sometimes you just end up off road... Or the road isn't on your map. Either way, this trip was one long day...or should I say night?

Porsche 911 Weekend

Test driving the New Porsche 911 in Germany

Saab 9000 Turbo - the wundercar!

The Saab makes tracks to Boston and back...

sailing 'round scotland

Sailing 'Round Scotland

chillbill's concorde adventure

chillbill's concorde adventure

Sure, you think it's funny, these brothers out here with a web page and a submarine, and then talking about taking a bus on a road trip. The bus trip was worth it!

the voyage in the volvo

Turtle and Yellow - the Voyage in the Volvo

the M5 on the Merritt

MMMMM - the M5 on the Merritt

var är vi?

The rumdogs crew drives through Sweden

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Send a postcard from the edge

Send a Postcard from the Edge

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"The true adventurer goes forth aimless and uncalculating to meet and greet unknown fate." 
                                                                                   -- O. Henry 


Special thanks to Mark Pinseras, Fred Schwab, Jörg Austen, Volker Gempt, Julia Heisel, 
and Markus Zipper of Porsche AG and PCNA.