USS McKensie - SSBN 62
The USS McKensie, SSBN 62 - the official vessel of the Rumdogs Crew.
The USS McKensie, SSBN 62. Ballistic Missile Nuclear Submarine. Equipped with a highly computerized sensor system, Harpoon, Sea Lance, and Tomahawk missiles, and a silent running system years ahead of the competition... 

The crew of the USS McKensie:

Captain - chillbill/rumdogs crew

Executive Officer - messune/rumdogs crew

Weapons Control - jayones/rumdogs crew

Navigation - J-Low the Pimp/rumdogs crew

Liquid Engineers - Gin & Tonic and The Chemist/rumdogs crew

Engine Room - Rob and Bob/rumdogs crew

Propulsion - Fae7 and Polson/rumdogs crew

Diving Control - Proud Trout (Eli the fly)

Medic - Pish/rumdogs crew

Research and Development - Janna/rumdogs crew

Deck Hands - Robert D., Rami, Damon, and Q/rumdogs crew

L Masters - Ghetto Red, Curtis and Pills (meadow)

International Liason - The Professor/rumdogs crew

The Hunt for Rum October continues...

Big shout outs to Jared, DJ China Shalom, A4, Benji, Phed, Big Ash, Cory,
Ian, Charles, Brian, BC, Mike, the vodka puppies,  and all of the other people
that got to chill on the submarine. 

One Love to Trend, Sonia, and Lincoln RIP.

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