The rumdogs crew of international entertainment, mystery, and intrigue is the scrapple in the big apple. Below you have a some of the things that we have done to make the crew world renown. For more check out the picture pages.

A complete book of the tales and travels of the rumdogs crew will be released soon. Until then, be sure to check out the opening scenes...

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Road Trips
Life in the fast lane - Rumdogs Road Trips
Boston Massachusetts
Here the conquests and techniques that took the crew from zero to hero in Bean Town. No hotel? No problem for the True Crew...
If there is a road to get us there, you better believe we are on our way...
The Saab makes tracks to Boston and back
There's nothing like a road trip- the adventure, excitement and new faces in all of the exotic places... How else could we be world renown?
Spreading Peace and Love throughout our travels...

spreading peace and love throughout our travels

Where in the world are we going to be next? Find out

The True Rum Crew
The USS McKensie - SSBN 62
Check the submarine.
This just means we will walk to and from anywhere regardless of the weather conditions. We've played baseball in Alaska, walked through the medinas of Morocco, and across Central Park at all times of day and night.
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