turtle and yellow cruise through new york city in the volvo


The Voyage in the Volvo - turtle and yellow made tracks to north carolina and back...

And now, turtle and yellow go west....

a second attempt has been made. off to california.
yellow sends her love

Plot their progress on the trip across the USA:

Saturday 8/19/2000 - 09:57PM EST - Turtle, Andi, and chillbill pick up the WonderWomanWagon!

All was well until the backed up traffic on the Grand Central Parkway created a need for an hour long "short cut" through Queens.

Sunday 8/20/2000 - 07:54AM EST - Turtle, Yellow and Mom Dukes depart New York City

Those living in Pacific Standard Time ought to synchronize their chronometers.

Sunday 8/20/2000 - 11:25PM EST - Turtle, Yellow and Mom Dukes arrive in Chicago

Chicago, the Windy City! From Michigan Ave. to Lake Shore Drive, from the Drake to the South Side, the Amber Inn to the Holiday Inn. Oh, don't forget E means Empty not "Enough". Need to refuel the WonderWomanWagon...

Monday 8/21/2000 - 06:53PM EST - Turtle and Yellow call in from Iowa

The cornfields!!! The cornfields!!! 135 miles East of Omaha, heading West. Watch out for random sketchy truckers. For a good time, call (515) 987-1124

Monday 8/21/2000 - 08:00PM EST - Mom Dukes returns from Chicago

Mom Dukes returns to New York via Detroit Rock City courtesy of ProAir (po-dunk-air). She swears will never fly this airline again

Monday 8/21/2000 - 09:57PM EST - Turtle and Yellow call in again

Yellow gets mad at Turtle forcing a pit stop in an open field near Lincoln, Nebraska - so hard to find. The WonderWomanWagon finds a Seventy five mile an hour speed limit (except in the work zone). Number Two Extra Value meals at McDonald's are $2.99,  that's $3.21 with tax! Next stop Grand Island...

Tuesday 8/21/2000 - 03:11PM EST - Turtle and Yellow arrive in Boulder

Arriving in Colorado ahead of schedule. Could it be the WonderWomanWagon? The inherited lead foot? The Seventy Five mile an hour speed limit? Perhaps it was the mix tape "found" in the car...

Thursday 8/24/2000 - 01:05PM EST - Turtle and Yellow in the Rockies

Driving through the Rockies, Turtle and Yellow report very beautiful scenery. Apparently the altitude is beginning show side effects; Turtle says her head feels as if its going to explode. Perhaps a lack of oxygen to the brain. Both agree that Boulder is very cool town with good ice cream. Maybe that head exploding sensation is really a brain freeze!!! The two went hiking at Chataqua (sp?). Currently headed towards Salt Lake City Utah. Turtle and Yellow intend to brave the arches at Arches National Park while in Utah...

Thursday 8/24/2000 - 08:23PM EST - Enjoying the Arches

Hiking through the arches of Arches National Park in Utah for hours, Turtle and Yellow proclaim the big red rocks and the giant arches are truly a sight to behold...

Friday 8/25/2000 - 10:54AM PST - Amina joins the Blazing Trail

A little before 11:00 am Pacific Standard Time, Amina is off to join the adventures of Turtle and Yellow. In Salt Lake City they will visit Karl Malone (the Mailman), the Great Salt Lake, and perhaps a few Mormons... For a good time call 801-325-2500

Friday 8/25/2000 - 11:28PM EST - Moab and More

Amina quickly replaces Yellow riding shotgun, but unfortunately with a touch of bad luck -the first traffic jam encountered in six days!!! No sign of Karl Malone just yet, but then Utah is a pretty big state. Turtle and company continue to conquer the West, but have stopped for the night to get some rest...

Saturday 8/26/2000 - 05:54 PM EST - Viva Las Vegas!!!

Turtle, Amina, and Yellow call in from the South Side of Las Vegas... Still in search of the Strip.

Monday 8/28/2000 - 01:38PM - California Dreaming

Amina gets out of the WonderWomanWagon at the airport to return to San Francisco... And now our trio is once again down to two. Are there really palm trees in Palm Desert?

Monday 8/28/2000 - 07:31PM - No Man's Land

Well friends, the voyage ends as Turtle and Yellow arrive on El Rancho Grande, Canyon View Road, Middle of Nowhere, California... Yellow flirts with coyotes, sniffs peyote, and enjoys the desert breeze under the juniper trees. Turtle declares, "It looks like Juniper!"

Thursday 8/31/2000 - 10:45:47 PST - Turtle writes in

Basically I am in a huge house in the middle of nowherer in CA. I sleep in a King size bed and there are two sinks in my bathroom. This can't be real. There is a working fireplace, tv, vcr and nintendo

Outside is a lot of land which resembles that of Juniper, GA. Oh Juniper!

At night I lay in the hammock watch for shooting stars and get serenaded by the coyotes.

I have been to Joshua tree twice and yesterday..scrambled up rocks...and dodged cacti....my skinned kness and elbows tell the story.....

For all you California people I am about 2 1/2 hours east of LA.....and about 2 hours from San Diego...come visit...

Yellow is free..not being on a leash once...she's got two dog friends...Sofia the five month old Akita mix..and Blackie who just is. The coyotes beckon her daily, but she sticks close by....maybe some night she will howl with them.

I have no car and will make my first attempt to hitch up the mountain today...wish me luck.

The only thing missing is a large body of water, but the rains have cooled the desert off. So the heat is not that bad

So please give a call or come out and visit....I ask that you only bring a smile.

Keep in touch

from the High Desert

Ann and Yellow


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