Rule Numbere Uno

Set it or dead it - 'cause if you ain't steppin' you should just fucking forget it. 

Rule Number Two 

Do what you have to do - you don't have to love the bitch just represent for the crew. No excuse will do - if the honey is fine, get off your behind.

Number Three 

This you should know - If she ain't giving it up then she's slowing up your flow 

Rule Number Four

If you don't have a shot then don't cock block - no reason to fuck up the other brothers in the spot 

Rule Number Five 

Completely necessary - if you go out macking you must be packing 

Number Six

Don't be afraid to get slapped - if you are a mack you'll always bounce back 

Rule Number Seven

Always bring enough money - don't spend it on the hos only spend it on the honeys 

Number Eight Should have been number one to me 

Nice guys finish last - and since you're a mack your mission is the ass 

Rule Number Nine 

Have no shame in your game - if you play high post you'll never get the fame 

And Rule Number Ten

Always go for what you know - don't stop the groove - make the bitch say NO 

And kids just remember it's ok to be a fiend - I don't care if the bitch is seventeen! Follow these rules you'll be the mack of all macks - givin' headaches to Excedrin and knocking the shit out of Exlax.